Optimistic energy
Make life more beautiful, be happy, create a smile with lots of creativity. We see pop-art influences, colourful street art , cartoons, illustrations, modern art and colour-blocking, sometimes even kitschy and over the top. Everything is colourful, poptimistic and bright. Black and white are supporting colours.

Cultural communities
Our need for safety and security and the re-discovering of our culture and history and “back-to nature” feeling, revert back to this trend; designers are inspired by the Irish travelers and gypsies. Rich red, orange and blue colours.


Mystic cultures
In our digital world, our fascination for the mystical and magical worlds grows; medicine mans, rituals, symbols are the designers’ inspiration. Beautiful fabrics with symbolic patterns and motives, often with skin, leather or wooden structures. Dark brown (with white or offwhite) is the key colour, accompanied by rich colours and bright accents. Also natural neutrals can be the basis.